Over and Over

Each New Day is a Gift from God - Over and Over

Each New Day He Lovingly Pursues Us – Over and Over

He created me to want him,

Whispering my name

Over and over.

And when I finally answered him,

Joy unspeakable and full of glory

Descended upon me

Over and over.

When in fear

Or anger

Or misunderstanding

I pushed him away,

He patiently pursued me

Over and over.

When I turned my ear to listen

To the words he was speaking to my heart,

I learned what grace really means

Over and over.

When the pain came

He whispered,

My strength is made perfect in your weakness.”

Over and over.

Now, whispering his name,

I choose him

Over and over.

I am his,

And he is mine

Through faith and hope

Over and over


That glorious day

When eternity begins.