Over and Over

Each New Day is a Gift from God - Over and Over

Each New Day He Lovingly Pursues Us – Over and Over

He created me to want him,

Whispering my name

Over and over.

And when I finally answered him,

Joy unspeakable and full of glory

Descended upon me

Over and over.

When in fear

Or anger

Or misunderstanding

I pushed him away,

He patiently pursued me

Over and over.

When I turned my ear to listen

To the words he was speaking to my heart,

I learned what grace really means

Over and over.

When the pain came

He whispered,

My strength is made perfect in your weakness.”

Over and over.

Now, whispering his name,

I choose him

Over and over.

I am his,

And he is mine

Through faith and hope

Over and over


That glorious day

When eternity begins.


The Dare of Spring

Spring stirs memories,
Hints of things to come,
Things best not remembered
In the dead of winter.

But a day of sunshine comes,
The air turns sweet,
We feel with surprise
The warmth of sun
As we bend in the grass.

We breathe anew,

If you dare,
To soak this in.
But beware
Your heart will stir,
Your soul enthralled
With potent longing
For love,
New life,
And second chances.

Embrace this spring,
The God,
Of second chances
Who makes it safe
To breathe again,

If your longing
Has reached its zenith,
To be swept away
As spring bursts forth,
Holding nothing back,
As beauty spills,
Overflows and rushes,
Carrying you
To joy
Unspeakable and
Full of glory!

Yes, dare worship the Creator
Rather than the created
This spring!

A Poem and a Prayer, For You


Today, I want you to know I’ve heard you.  What you’re going through, it’s rough, really rough.  So, this is for you:

I Heard You

Just want you to know
I heard you.
I know you’re hurting.
Your marriage is troubled,
Your health is precarious,
You’ve been through a great deal,
Financially it’s rough.
You’re facing more,
With less of everything.
You’re not sleeping well,
Eating well, living well.
You’re not sure what to do.
In fact sometimes you’re downright
You might mention these things
And then talk about trivialities,
They are good distractions
I know, I heard.
I just want you to know,
Jesus heard you, too.
As much as I love you,
As much as I’ve prayed for you,
He loves you even more.
As you breathed in pain
And exhaled fear
Before you even voiced it,
He said, “I heard you.”

Dear Jesus,
Please give______ peace today, your peace that passes understanding. You see their fears, their pain, their questions. Help them to be open to you, to your gentleness and kindness, your desire to heal them in their innermost places where they let no one else in. Touch them in some real way, may they have no doubt that you love them. Give them faith, give them hope. Please, Lord Jesus, give them hope, hope in you alone. May they know your love, the only pure and completely trustworthy love on this earth. And if the only love they see today is from me, then let them see you in me. Teach me how to love them even more today, that they may love you, trust you.
I put them tenderly in your hands, Lord. I trust their situation to you and your ways, which are far above my understanding. In Jesus name I pray, amen.