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Jill CloseupHello!

I’m Jill Cristao, and of all the things I’d like to define me, my faith in Jesus Christ is number one.  He really is the center of my life, the One I try to imitate and follow wholeheartedly.   His steadfast nature, his faithfulness through all my many mistakes and the mistakes of others that have deeply impacted me, keeps me strong in my faith and sure in my hope of eternal life in heaven.

I’m married to Frank, and between us we have six amazing adult children between the ages of 26 and 33.  We have four young grandchildren whom we adore.

For several years I’ve been blessed to work as a pastor, ministering to those in need and to leaders within the church.  Using my gifts in tangible ways is incredibly fulfilling, but currently I’m not working, choosing instead to reflect on God’s work around me and in me.  It’s a time of refreshing for me.

The Cottage of Content blog is a safe place to share some lessons learned, encourage each other through honest transparency, and point all to Jesus Christ.  I don’t have all the answers but I know the One who does.   His love for each precious person on this earth in need of a Friend, a Father, a Comforter, and/or a Savior, simply cannot be grasped, but I’ll do my best to point to Him over and over!  I hope each person who reads this will get a glimpse of how deeply they are loved by Jesus, forgiven of each and every sin and mistake, and given new life through Him.  So be it, Lord Jesus!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Jill! I came across your blog when I tried to find if you had a website after seeing a jewelry board on Etsy – a place I have only purchased something from once because I saw it in a magazine – I am not an Etsy regular but happened to get a random email from them about new things in July and one was jewelry storage and I just reorganized my closet last week and decided that I needed something to make my jewelry visible…… Anyway, after receiving a reply that you did not have any smaller ones, I thought that maybe your items had become so popular, you had opened a store and I could find a smaller one there! What I found was SO MUCH MORE! You have opened your soul to complete strangers and shared so much joy (and pain)! I LOVE that! It is a hot, lazy summer evening here and I just sat and read all of your entries (sitting still is also not one of my ‘regular’ things) and I found myself thinking, “YES! She nailed that idea!” over and over! I can’t wait to share your blog with my friends! I know you have blessed so many people with your writing and your honesty! God is truly glorified in all you write! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer! Erica

    • Hi, Erica –

      Well, wow. You have blessed me with your words! After not being able to help you with the jewelry board, I’m so glad I can at least encourage you with my writing! After your description of how you find my blog it makes me think God was indeed involved in getting you here. I’m grateful to Him and to you for the encouragement this evening! Thank you!

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