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The Dare of Spring

Spring stirs memories,
Hints of things to come,
Things best not remembered
In the dead of winter.

But a day of sunshine comes,
The air turns sweet,
We feel with surprise
The warmth of sun
As we bend in the grass.

We breathe anew,

If you dare,
To soak this in.
But beware
Your heart will stir,
Your soul enthralled
With potent longing
For love,
New life,
And second chances.

Embrace this spring,
The God,
Of second chances
Who makes it safe
To breathe again,

If your longing
Has reached its zenith,
To be swept away
As spring bursts forth,
Holding nothing back,
As beauty spills,
Overflows and rushes,
Carrying you
To joy
Unspeakable and
Full of glory!

Yes, dare worship the Creator
Rather than the created
This spring!


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