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The Mentor Me Series Kick Off


A wise and faithful adviser or teacher – that’s a mentor.  Would you like one?  What would you talk about: personal growth, how to move forward in a relationship or career, how to grow in your understanding of God, or…? Finding a good mentor is like finding gold, it’s exciting, it’s potentially life changing, and it’s rare.  How many mentors do you know?  Not enough, right?

The good news is that when we accept forgiveness for our sins through the sacrifice of God’s Son, Jesus, the Holy Spirit actually guides us and speaks to our thoughts and is faithful in helping us grow in ways no one else can.  That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t need input from trusted people.  The Bible tells us to get together with other Christians, to be iron sharpening iron for each other, to represent God’s graces as we love each other according to the special and unique way He’s gifted each individual to love and bless others.   Considering this, the world should be full of mentors, but it’s not.

Let’s change that.  Yep, right now.  Let’s talk.  You and me.  Right here, right now, as if we’re sitting down face to face, just like I’ve done countless times with others, ready to listen, encourage, share some insights as I pick up on where you’re at and how you’re doing.  As a mentor, I’ve seen the impact of giving someone the opportunity to speak about what they need.  They do the hard part, the growing, I just try to ask the right questions and point them to resources or next steps they may not have considered.  I also pray for them, and invite God into the process.   The best part, for me, is watching the growth and subsequent joy in the life of the person I’m mentoring!  And, it brings, well, contentment, to my soul that is deeply satisfying.

I’m committing to do that for you here, through what I call, The Mentor Me Series. It’s a simple, clear format.  I’ll ask the questions through easy steps.  You answer through your own private notes or journal, through comments on the blog if you prefer, or you may even email me.  Below the questions for you, I’ll give you some insights into why I’m asking the questions and some potential tips that may help you as you answer the questions.   This may look easy, but if you’re doing the work, it’s not.  But it will help you grow.

So, if you’re doing this on the fly, quick, grab your phone or tablet and open your favorite Notes app or Dictation app,(or grab the closest envelope, post it or whatever!) and get ready to take down the first step.  If you’ve got a little more time, get your tablet, computer, a notebook, or a special journal and perhaps a cup of coffee or favorite beverage, and let’s get to it.   Really.  We’ll tackle Step Number One today, and in a few days we’ll move on to Step Number Two.  You’ll do your part, I’ll do mine, and we’ll see what happens.  I can’t wait!  Oh, and do me a favor, say a quick prayer that God will help you with this (I’ve prayed, too!) – and, that’s it!

Step Number One – Your Contribution:  How Am I?

I really want to know.  Write out how you’re doing personally – emotionally, physically, spiritually.  How are the significant relationships in your life?  How are you doing with your relationship with God?  What’s the reality of your life right now? List out all the things that are going on right now that are impacting you.    It may help to draw a circle with yourself in the center, and then begin to label all the things going on in your world within that circle and maybe some secondary things that are outside your world (circle) that are indirectly affecting you.  If you need to come back to it later as you think of more things, then do so, but at least start with the top five details of your life that stand out to you.

Step Number One – Mentor’s Contribution:  How Are You?

I’m looking to see how you’re doing – how you’re really doing.  Though we may be just getting to know each other, I”m hoping you’ll begin to be transparent.  If you will honestly define the reality of your life right now and say it out loud, (write it down) then the reality of it may prepare you for the work you need to do.  

Identifying just one or two things impacting you today will have me concerned that perhaps you’re not taking into consideration all that you’ve got going on.   This is your life.  Are you in control of it or is it in control of you?      This will determine your starting point, what you may need to do to grow.  If you’ve got fifty things written down, this too, will help determine your starting point.  Are you overwhelmed or are you simply a very self-aware person?   You tell me.  Just be honest.  Write it down!  My goal for you here, is that you get focused clearly on the reality of what is going on so that in Step Number Two – What’s My Goal? – you’ll be ready to define it accurately.  


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