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A Poem and a Prayer, For You


Today, I want you to know I’ve heard you.  What you’re going through, it’s rough, really rough.  So, this is for you:

I Heard You

Just want you to know
I heard you.
I know you’re hurting.
Your marriage is troubled,
Your health is precarious,
You’ve been through a great deal,
Financially it’s rough.
You’re facing more,
With less of everything.
You’re not sleeping well,
Eating well, living well.
You’re not sure what to do.
In fact sometimes you’re downright
You might mention these things
And then talk about trivialities,
They are good distractions
I know, I heard.
I just want you to know,
Jesus heard you, too.
As much as I love you,
As much as I’ve prayed for you,
He loves you even more.
As you breathed in pain
And exhaled fear
Before you even voiced it,
He said, “I heard you.”

Dear Jesus,
Please give______ peace today, your peace that passes understanding. You see their fears, their pain, their questions. Help them to be open to you, to your gentleness and kindness, your desire to heal them in their innermost places where they let no one else in. Touch them in some real way, may they have no doubt that you love them. Give them faith, give them hope. Please, Lord Jesus, give them hope, hope in you alone. May they know your love, the only pure and completely trustworthy love on this earth. And if the only love they see today is from me, then let them see you in me. Teach me how to love them even more today, that they may love you, trust you.
I put them tenderly in your hands, Lord. I trust their situation to you and your ways, which are far above my understanding. In Jesus name I pray, amen.


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